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null Portugal and the World in 2022

Portugal and the World in 2022
27 oct 2021
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Clock 50 mins.
CATEGORIAS: AER Global AER Portugal Portugal Macro Global Sector inmobiliario Coronavirus
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Beatriz Cortez de Lobão
Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen entire countries enter into total lockdown, record numbers of people unemployed and inflation running far above what was considered normal in recent decades. Along with all the medical uncertainty came the constant doubt about the future of the global economy. Arcano Partners has developed a tool designed to help investors and companies master the elements to make the right decisions in this macroeconomic environment. Arcano stands out for being completely independent from big businesses and political ideologies and publishes a comprehensible analysis with a nearly ten-year track record of accurate predictions. It’s with great enthusiasm and pleasure that we extend our analysis to Portugal, aiming to offer you an in-depth study of the macro issues that are currently the most relevant to framing any business in Portugal. The chartbook we are publishing today supported last week’s presentation of our Chief Economist, Ignacio de la Torre, delivered in front of an audience made up by Portuguese corporates and investors.
dot How is COVID-19 impacting in the economy?
dot Will this crisis be as damaging as the Great Recession?
dot Is China a serious risk?
dot What are our estimates for inflation and interest rates?
dot What is our economic forecast for Portugal?
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