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null What Do We Know About How the European Recovery Funds Will Work?

What Do We Know About How the European Recovery Funds Will Work?
20 Nov 2020
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Clock 20 mins.
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Leopoldo Torralba
Ignacio de la Torre
The allocation of European funds in Spain seems to have brought a great deal of confusion to the Spanish corporate sector. Therefore, we have updated the most recent and accurate available information to try to shed some light on the issue. In this report we put into context some widespread beliefs that may be exaggerated, and set out our conclusions about the chances of success of the government's intention to start investing at the earliest date possible. We then make predictions about potential implementation schedules, amounts and destination of the funds, structured by area, trying to be as specific as possible with the information available.
dot How do the European Recovery and Resilience Fund work?
dot What are the expected amounts to be assigned to Spain from the European funds?
dot And the estimated calendar?
dot How will the allocation of the funds be decided and managed?
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