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null Why 2019 Estimates for Spain Will Be Revised Upwards

Why 2019 Estimates for Spain Will Be Revised Upwards
06 Jun 2019
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Clock 35 mins.
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Ignacio de la Torre de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba Torralba
"Why 2019 Estimates for Spain Will Be Revised Upwards" is the support chartbook for the presentation delivered by our chief economist, Ignacio de la Torre, in the headquarters of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations), in front of an audience of executives of prominent Spanish companies. It explains why, in our opinion, the dynamics observed in the Spanish economy during the first semester of 2019 foreshadow economic growth above the consensus estimates. Moreover, we believe that making accurate projections of growth levels is as important as assessing the associated risks. As such, we ponder these risks in the presentation, basing our analysis on updated data updated as of June. If we are right, the Spanish economy will experience the greatest economic growth among the large Western economies.
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