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null COVID-19 Update: Are Vaccines Starting to Have an Impact in Spain?

COVID-19 Update: Are Vaccines Starting to Have an Impact in Spain?
31 Mar 2021
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Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Pedro Larrasquitu
We have reached the end of the first quarter of 2021, which is an important date for analyzing the evolution of the Spanish vaccination process. In this chartbook we explain briefly and concisely weather the government’s vaccionation objectives have been achieved in the first quarter of the year and what the foreseeable evolution will be in the coming months. Since Spain is beginning to reach high vaccination rates in certain social groups, we have decided to analyze the impact of the vaccine on them and thus observe whether we can already appreciate the positive impact of vaccines, revalidating, or not, the results obtained in countries more advanced in the vaccination process such as the United Kingdom or Israel. We also analyze the health situation, both nationally and internationally, together with its foreseeable evolution in the coming days.
dot Is Spain complying with its vaccination targets?
dot Can one start to see the positive impact of vaccines?
dot How will the vaccination process unfold after the expected arrival of more vaccines?
dot Will we see an increase in the number of cases in the coming days? What are the current global developments?
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