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null Implications of the European Central Bank's Interest Rate Hikes

Implications of the European Central Bank's Interest Rate Hikes
07 Feb 2022
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Ignacio De la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Central banks across the world are normalising the extraordinary policies they were forced to implement when the pandemic hit back in 2020. The shift is happening as a result of both a notable global economic recovery and an (almost awkward) scenario of increase in prices. Hence, both the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are adopting a more hawkish posture and pointing at sharper interest rate hikes than expected just a few weeks ago. The report is accompanied by an audio summary by Ignacio de la Torre (Spanish version only)
dot What are the reasons behind the recent change in the ECB's tone?
dot What are the estimated repercussions on key variables such as interest rates, economic growth, and financial and property asset valuations?
dot What may be the impact of rising inflation?
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