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ChatGPT: The Disruption Ahead

60 mins.
18 MAY, 2023
Bjorn Beam
Milo Jones
Ignacio de la Torre
Joaquín Rivera
Macro Global Technological Disruption Global AER Tech
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Certain technologies are poised to transform the world. ChatGPT is one of them. When a product launch captures 100 million users in a month, achieving the fastest technology adoption in history, one should pay attention. But when that technology has the capacity to demolish the industry's competitive environment, while also generating an unimaginable and unprecedented hemorrhage of high-skill jobs, one should also proceed with caution. In this second installment of our new service, Arcano Technology Research, Ignacio de la Torre, Chief Economist, and Bjorn Beam, technology expert and former Intelligence Officer at the CIA, unpack the economic, technological and geopolitical implications that Generative Artificial Intelligence - and its various applications such as ChatGPT - will catalyze in our lives. The report discusses the ten sectors that will be the most heavily affected, the eleven different business departments where the impact will be greatest, and how company valuations could swing wildly among other topics.

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