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Back Creating Differential Value out of Data Thanks to AI


Creating Differential Value out of Data Thanks to AI

45 mins.
14 SEPTEMBER, 2023
Björn Beam
Óscar de la Torre
Joaquín Rivera
Technological Disruption IA IAGen Global AER Tech Bigdata
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John Chambers, CEO of CISCO, recently stated that when he is considering investing in any company, he first asks the CEO of the company these three questions: What is your current strategy regarding generative artificial intelligence (GenAI)? How has this strategy changed recently? What is your long-term strategy? He would only invest if he received convincing answers. This report is a continuation of "ChatGPT: The Disruption Ahead", and aims to answer Chambers' questions. Óscar de la Torre, renowned technology expert, Björn Beam, technology expert and former CIA intelligence officer, and Joaquín Rivera, a specialist in technological disruption from an economic perspective, unravel how to extract the maximum value from data, both structured and unstructured, through artificial intelligence.

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