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null When Will We Return to the Office?

When Will We Return to the Office?
11 Mar 2021
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Clock 20 mins.
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Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Pedro Larrasquitu
The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled several important trends like the digitalisation of society or the greater awareness of public health. At the end of the public health crisis, we will be able to determine which trends will produce significant changes in our lives and which will fade over time. In the labour market, a huge number of companies have implemented ‘work from home’ for the first time. The question remains whether we will all one day return to work at the office as the health crisis comes under control. In this report, we mull over the rise of remote working and its impacts.
dot What will be the effect of the evolution of the pandemic on the return to offices?
dot If it finally takes place, will it be immediate or phased?
dot How does remote work affect key business factors such as training, promotions, employee well-being and learning?
dot What model will prevail after the pandemic: at the office, from home or a mix of both?
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