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null Direct Lending: When Less Liquid Is Safer

Direct Lending: When Less Liquid Is Safer
28 Nov 2018
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Clock 40 mins.
CATEGORIES: AER Global AER Personal Global Alternative investment
Ignacio de la Torre
Are there reasonable investment alternatives in a world of asset bubbles that are starting to burst? We think so. Direct Lending (the main illiquid credit strategy, or fixed-income’s equivalent to Private Equity), because of its illiquid nature, continues to deliver unusually high returns at a more than reasonable risk. In the 19-page document we are publishing today """", we analyse its current illiquidity premium and compare it to its historical averages to conclude that it is an attractive investment. Moreover, we also elaborate on its advantages and key risks, alongside their mitigating factors. We use comprehensible language and base our conclusions on reliable and objective sources, especially those of an academic nature.
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