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null Will Global Confidence Return in 2020?

Will Global Confidence Return in 2020?
02 Dec 2019
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Clock 90 mins.
CATEGORIES: AER Global Spain US Europe China Emerging Countries Rest of the World UK
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
This chartbook exposes our outlook for the global and local economy from both a structural (technology, demography, inequality) and cyclical (global trends, US, China, Europe, Spain and emerging countries) perspective. Moreover, we reflect on whether the world will enter recession, the risk of a technical recession in the US, which countries present imbalances that could be heralding a new financial crisis and why Europe is starting to surprise positively, and But also highlight the risks that must be monitored, including the potential formation of a leftist government with populist elements in Spain and its impact on the domestic economy.
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