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Geopolitics in Five Minutes (29-May-24)

29 MAY, 2024
Dr. Milo Jones
Geopolitics Global AER Global
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In the seventh monthly edition of ‘Geopolitics in Five Minutes’ video podcast, Dr. Milo Jones devotes the whole episode to Xi Jinping's curiously - even astoundingly - counterproductive actions over the last 30 days. Milo covers:
Xi's strategically tone-deaf European journey: Xi gave Macron and von der Leyen nothing, and made implausible denials about Chinese overcapacity and support for Russia; he then followed that up with a gratuitously offensive visit to Serbia and a tone-deaf visit to Hungary.
Xi's latest visit with Putin: What will be the impact of the deepening Chinese/Russia ties? Is the Russian turn from Europe real?
This month's launch of "Chat XiPT": What message does the newly-launched chatbot based on "Xi Jinping's Thought" send about Chinese "Soft Power" (or its future with LLMs)?
China's reaction to William Lai's inauguration in Taiwan: What are the implications of China's "Punishment Drills" around Taiwan?

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