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null Will Delta Variant Derail Spain’s Summer Tourist Season?

Will Delta Variant Derail Spain’s Summer Tourist Season?
27 Jul 2021
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Clock 45 mins.
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Leopoldo Torralba
Diego Mejía
The emergence of COVID-19’s Delta variant has cast renewed uncertainty over Spain’s health and economic scenario. This report explains how Delta may affect a particular but highly relevant industry for Spain: Tourism. In the 60-paged chartbook , we discuss our central scenario for the 2021 summer tourism season in Spain and how it compares to consensus forecasts. As per usual, our goal is to facilitate the decision-making process of our clients, should they increase, maintain or reduce risk?
dot What is our central scenario for the future of the Spanish summer tourist season and how does it compare with the consensus? What are the main risks?
dot Where does the health environment stand and what are the parameters that will guide its future evolution?
dot What is happening to national and international tourism in Spain, and what will happen to its essential catalysts?
dot How will tourism-related sectors perform this summer?
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