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Back Building a GenAI Strategy: Discovering the Key Components


Building a GenAI Strategy: Discovering the Key Components

130 mins.
14 DECEMBER, 2023
Björn Beam
Óscar de la Torre
Joaquín Rivera
Diego Barnuevo
Expert collaborator: Jaume Manero, Ph. D. in AI
IA AER Tech Global
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The former AI director at Tesla and current researcher at OpenAI, Dr. Andrej Karpathy, declared at the beginning of the year: “The hottest new programming language in 2023 is English.” This striking statement, which has turned out to be quite accurate, perfectly reflects the two main technological trends of the year: the proliferation of Generative AI (GenAI) solutions and the democratization of AI skills. In this context, companies have a unique opportunity to boost their productivity and gain a competitive edge against their competitors. To achieve this, it is essential to design a GenAI strategy that allows them to not only navigate the waves of this dynamic and volatile market, but also harness them. In this fourth instalment of Arcano Technology Research, in this report we outline a roadmap that guides executives in the selection of GenAI solutions, their customization, and successful implementation in the short, medium, and long term. Additionally, our expert collaborator Jaume Manero Ph.D. in AI illustrates with a brilliant historical analogy the importance of data quality when implementing GenAI solutions.

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