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null Foreseeable Consequences of Omicron and the Interest Rate Hike

Foreseeable Consequences of Omicron and the Interest Rate Hike
19 Jan 2022
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Ignacio De la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Interest rates have been rising in a synchronised manner for weeks now: Both short and long-term rates are being affected. The change in monetary policy is being noticed: One year ago the Fed was not expected to start rate hikes until 2024 and now markets are expecting it to start doing so this Spring. On the other side of the Atlantic markets are also warning that the European Central Bank is going to accelerate the process much earlier than previously thought. Anecdotically, the Omicron storm will speed up the transition from pandemic to endemic, a fact that could boost economic growth but would prompt central banks to increase the pace of interest rate raises. Inflation is the reason behind. The key question affecting corporate and investment decisions in 2022 is whether it will stand at high levels for long or subside.
dot How are vaccines responding to the new Omicron variant?
dot Is the economy holding up well the Omicron impact?
dot What is our scenario for inflation going forward?
dot Is the real estate sector an attractive investment asset?
dot What are the main risks to our central scenario?
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