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null The Fintech Revolution

The Fintech Revolution
30 Oct 2018
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Clock 90 mins.
CATEGORIES: AER Public Global Financial Markets Technological Disruption
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Joaquín Rivera
“The Fintech Revolution” delves into the principal consequences of the unstoppable technological advances currently in course in financial sector, an industry absolutely key to the economy. The report analyses the factors that have propelled new disruptive Fintech business models, all while the traditional barriers of entry to the financial sector erode. The report also explains the impact on the main lines of business of the sector (payments, deposits, lending, asset management and private banking) and the reaction of banks and large tech companies. It concludes by relating these processes with the economic environment, exposing the role that Fintech could play in monetary policy and in effecting growth.
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