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Back Market Update: When Will Global Growth Reactivate?


Market Update: When Will Global Growth Reactivate?

60 mins.
26 APRIL, 2023
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Macro Spain Macro Global Monetary Policy Real Estate Financial Markets Technological Disruption Tourism sector Geopolitics Banking sector Spain Global Emerging Countries US Europe China UK AER Global
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In this new market update presentation we update the current macroeconomic situation, both globally and in Spain, the markets and the real estate sector, in addition to establishing our future positioning in all the key variables. After the covid-19 pandemic and the outbreak of the still unresolved Ukraine conflict, a new secular risk emerged in March this year: a potential banking implosion that could derail economic developments. Amidst slowing growth and accelerating inflation, we analyse the implications, addressing a number of key questions, such as:
Will the aforementioned banking implosion finally occur? What has happened in the last few months?
How did growth perform during the first quarter? Could Europe and the US enter into recession?
Is inflation abating? What are our estimates for interest rates in Europe and the US?
Do we see a possible bottoming out in the global housing market?

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