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Why India and Why Now?

60 mins.
01 JUNE, 2023
Ya-Lan Liu
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There is no market over the next years which offers more growth opportunities for business than India. Its economy is set to contribute 20% to global growth. Yet, we need to navigate between the hype that India is the next China and the pessimistic perception that India is just too hard. The EU is India’s second largest trading partner, and some 6,000 European companies are present in India. Talks between the EU and India to forge a free trade agreement aim to be complete by end-2023. For companies, the key question is whether they can afford not to be in India. Its massive scale, the momentum which is already built into its growth trajectory and the opportunity it offers to diversify risks in Asia, all mean that India will become a much more crowded and competitive marketplace. India´s economy is larger than the United Kingdom´s today and, within the next decade, it will overtake the economies of Germany and Japan. This underscores the timing and relevance of this report. We seek to provide a balanced perspective of both the challenges and opportunities there. Where do you start in a market as large and diverse as India?
We identify specific sectors that benefit most from India´s development.
We review the barriers to foreign companies’ operations on the ground with practical cases.
We assess the domestic political challenges ahead of next year´s national elections.
We examine the international security risks.

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