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What Is Going on with Inflation, Wages and Debt Markets?

10 mins.
02 MARCH, 2023
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
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Once again, economic volatility has appeared with some virulence. The release of some negative inflationary data has been enough to set off alarm bells and raise interest rates significantly. In the midst of constant noise and confusion, it is essential to be crystal clear about the key medium-term catalysts for growth, inflation and interest rates. When is it best to issue bonds and at what rates, when is it advisable to invest in risk and at what multiples? In such uncertain environments, making the wrong decisions can greatly impair the expected risk-return. In this brief report we analyse the key causes and effects of the interest rate hikes underway, and take a position on the future of growth, inflation and interest rates in the short and medium term, amid the current turmoil.

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