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null What Will Happen to the Summer Tourist Season in Spain?

What Will Happen to the Summer Tourist Season in Spain?
06 Apr 2021
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Clock 30 mins
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Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Pedro Larrasquitu
The recent lockdowns announced in Paris, Italy and parts of Germany, together with problems associated with the efficacy and delivery of AstraZeneca's vaccine, have generated all sorts of fears of further falls in Euro area GDP. In addition, there has been speculation that this situation could lead to a "lost" summer tourist season.  In this report, we analyze the foreseeable evolution of a very relevant sector for the Spanish economy and in terms of employment, especially now given the large number of furloughed workers.
dot How does a consumer of tourism and hotel services who has been vaccinated behave, taking as an example countries that have a more advanced vaccination schedule than ours?
dot What percentage of the population has already passed COVID, having acquired in practical terms a natural immunity?
dot How is the rate of vaccination advancing exponentially?
dot When can group immunity and, therefore, the lifting of restrictions be achieved?
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