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null Property, Technology and New Business Models

Property, Technology and New Business Models
16 Oct 2020
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Clock 50 mins.
CATEGORIES: AER Global AER Personal Spain Real Estate
Dr. Milo Jones
Diego Mejía
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
In collaboration with Dr. Milo Jones, renowned technologist and geopolitical expert, we explore in this document the fascinating developments within the Property Technology (PropTech) space generally, and specifically within Spain. The real estate industry has been more resistant to the disruption of new, technology-enabled business models than other sectors, but a slew of new start-ups and a wave of investor cash has created a fascinating, emergent ecosystem for PropTech start-ups in Spain and around the globe. The rise of this sector and its disruption within the broader Real Estate sector is underpinned by societal currents that steer its development. The COVID-19 crisis is strongly accelerating some of the trends.
dot How are the social tendencies changing towards the PropTech industry?
dot How do these tendencies give rise to new business models and the new technologies
dot What are the drivers and future implications of this technology-based disruption?
dot What are the latest developments in the Spanish and global PropTech ecosystems
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