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Spain and the World in 2022

60 mins.
30 NOVEMBER, 2021
análisis macroeconómico
Ignacio De la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Coronavirus Macro Global Monetary Policy Real Estate Financial Markets Spain Global AER España AER Personal
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We present our last economic update of the year, which is particularly useful since it features our forecasts for 2022. In the face of continuing medical and economic uncertainty, we focus on the latest developments that most concern economic agents, such as the changing healthcare situation, ramping inflation and the foreseeable future scenario for growth, interest rates, markets and real estate.
Public health crisis: Slowly normalising… Will we see a world without restrictions?
Macro: Impact of the energy crisis on inflation… Will it be transitory?
Economic policy: Changing expectations… Will we see a fiscal and monetary cliff in 2023?
China: Efforts to cool the real estate sector… Will they cause a chain reaction? Will EM suffer?
Spain: Lower growth than expected… Will it regain its growth gap with Europe?
Markets and real estate: negative real rates… Will risk appetite continue?
Structural: New normal? Entrepreneurship? ESG Investment? Inequality?

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