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Back Spain’s Q3’20 GDP: A Useful Word of Warning


Spain’s Q3’20 GDP: A Useful Word of Warning

20 mins.
30 OCTOBER, 2020
Leopoldo Torralba Torralba
Ignacio de la Torre de la Torre
Macro Spain Spain AER España AER Global
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Although the Spanish GDP reading for the third quarter released last week may seem almost irrelevant a few months later, now that the coronavirus pandemic marches on and mobility restrictions are being reinstated locally and across the globe, we believe it does provide very useful teachings for the future. It is not easy to keep the widespread negativism and confusion from hindering one’s ability to analyse and draw conclusions about this situation.
What conclusions can we draw from Spain’s third quarter GDP figure?
What are the lessons to learn about other interesting factors such as productivity and the theoretical impact of remote work?

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