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The Spanish Economy in the Coming Months: Seven Predictions

10 mins.
25 MAY, 2021
análisis macroecónomico
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Macro Spain Coronavirus Real Estate Tourism sector Spain AER España AER Global
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Economic performance during the pandemic has continually surprised economists. An exogenous crisis (i.e. one caused by a pathogen) should not be dealt with in the same way as an endogenous crisis (one following a real estate crash, for example). Arcano Economic Research has been anticipating for some time now that the Spanish economy would begin a strong recovery from April onwards. We base our assumptions on the correlation between public health data and people’s propensity to consume. As of today, the available data points to our predictions being correct.
How will the Spanish economy perform in the coming months?
How will consumption react?
Will tourism be reactivated?
What about the real estate sector, both in terms of housing prices and the return to office space?

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