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UK, on the Brink of Recession

25 mins.
05 JULY, 2019
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The economy of the United Kingdom has behaved better than expected in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum in 2016, especially given the debilitating and ever-increasing uncertainty surrounding the nation’s future. Protracted uncertainty kills economic growth, and the latest indicators are showing clear signs of deterioration. Our report 'UK, on the Brink of Recession' tries to shed light on the shadows cast by the future of the British economy in regards to its main trading partner, the EU. It includes an analysis of the latest macro data and their impact (is Britain heading towards a recession?), the most noteworthy structural risks (especially those linked to Brexit), and even the potential political scenarios ahead, associated with the final exit mechanism and its economic impacts. Given the exposure of many Spanish companies to the UK, we believe it is worth the read.

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