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Geopolitics in Five Minutes (21-Nov)

5 mins.
21 NOVEMBER, 2023
Dr. Milo Jones
Geopolitics Global AER Global
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Given the increasing interaction between economics, technology and geopolitics, we are pleased to expand our coverage with a new service for our subscribers: "Geopolitics in five minutes". In our inaugural “Geopolitics in Five Minutes”, brought to you by Oxford Visiting Research Fellow Dr Milo Jones, we discuss:
How the world has entered a period of durable disorder that will benefit those who can adapt to the rapidly changing geopolitical and technology space, and combine such insights with existing macroeconomic models.
The war in Ukraine, the conflict between Israel, Hamas, and Iran, and US and Chinese tensions over Taiwan will likely remain.
The difference between country risk, industry, and company-specific risks in assessing global risks and opportunities.

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