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Geopolitics in Five Minutes (27-Feb-24)

5 mins.
27 FEBRUARY, 2024
Dr. Milo Jones
Geopolitics Global AER Global
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In this fourth monthly edition of Geopolitics in Five Minutes video podcast, Dr. Milo Jones discusses two geopolitical items that we believe deserve some of your mindshare this month, and one thing you can ignore:
The somewhat ambiguous fact that in 2023 US trade with Mexico exceeded US trade with China. Is this clear evidence of "decoupling" between the world's two largest economies, or is something else going on?
At the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, is the war really a "stalemate," or are there hidden dimensions of the conflict that are anything but static?
And finally, the one thing you can ignore involves a throwaway remark by Putin during a recent interview with an American media personality, and touches on the possibility of an end to the Ukraine conflict.

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