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null Portuguese Real Estate – Which Side Are You On?

Portuguese Real Estate – Which Side Are You On?
07 dic 2021
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Clock 40 mins.
CATEGORIAS: AER Global AER Portugal Portugal Sector inmobiliario
Ignacio De la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
Beatriz Cortez de Lobão
Diego Mejía
“You know Madonna bought a house in Portugal?” is one of the favourite random curiosities Portuguese people like to share when they met foreigners. It is also used regularly as a structural argument to defend that the Portuguese housing market is moving like never before, and although Madonna is not specially known for her expertise in real estate, the truth is that she got this one right. Virtually everyone has noticed the world was hit by a pandemic, still, the Portuguese housing market has demonstrated its immunity to the crisis as prices continued to increased and people keep buying and selling houses during lockdowns like nothing happened. So it surges the million dollar question: is this a dream about to end or it the Portuguese housing market just immortal?
dot How have demand and supply of Portuguese housing evolved during the pandemic?
dot Have prices performed in line?
dot What do we expect for the next few years?
dot What are the main risks to our base case scenario?
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