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Our Twenty Key Predictions for 2023

20 mins.
20 DECEMBER, 2022
Ignacio de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba
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A world featuring high inflation, the risk of rampant recession, interest rate uncertainty and geopolitical shocks is known as the world of the polycrisis. How does one navigate this environment? The year 2023 is presumed to be a significant turning point in the framework of the post-pandemic normalisation inertia underway since 2021, an inflection point affecting infinite economic variables essential to key decisions. The growing complexity of the global and local economy and its real estate markets reinforces the importance of having a differential clarity to avoid making mistakes in the face of the binary future scenarios that await us. This report offers our insights on the expected development of the following variables, among others, and how they will affect markets and house prices:
Interest rates
Economic growth

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