Arcano Economic Research

We provide accurate, valuable, independent and contra-consensus insights on where Spanish macroeconomic, real estate and market fundamentals are heading. Our service is a very powerful tool for informing your investment strategy in Spain, especially in environments of great uncertainty when wrong decisions may have dramatic consequences, and quality analysis is key in mitigating risks.


Why AER?

Differential research


Excellent track record of anticipating trend shifts, usually against the consensus

Practical, pedagogical and easy to read

Benefits for our clients

Increased profitability of economic decisions, differential vs competition

Excellent source of macro fundamentals to strengthen companies’ investment thesis or strategic planning

Exclusivity and contrast of opinion


Our philosophy

Our services add pure value in streamlining the decision-making process of our clients: we do not produce time-consuming documents without useful conclusions or models with uncertain predictive effectiveness

We produce unbiased and fully independent research: the economy and its future told exactly as we see it

We analyse an enormous amount of data to connect essential trends across major geographies, in monetary policy, financial markets, banking systems, policies, the Spanish economy and the real estate sector

We analyse the current situation and associated structural factors to provide an accurate assessment of upside and downside risks

We anticipate trend shifts, searching for gaps in consensus to provide differential analysis

We shape our analysis into practical, educational, easy-to-read reports and chartbooks that offer clear conclusions


Meet the Team

Asset Publisher

Ignacio de la Torre
Chief Economist
Leopoldo Torralba
Senior Economist
Joaquín Rivera
Junior Economist


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