Arcano Economic Research is the macroeconomic, technology, real estate and market research unit of Arcano Partners, a Spanish alternative management and investment bank leader



Arcano Economic Research was established in late 2012, when Ignacio de la Torre, Arcano’s Chief Economist, published the first of a series of reports that would become a must-read. In "The Case for Spain", Ignacio anticipated the recovery of the Spanish economy; in "Spain 2014 = Germany 2004", he predicted consumption and financing changes; and in "Further Beyond", he assessed that the Spanish real estate sector would turn around at a time when nobody believed it could happen, and this assessment would later turn into the first of many successful forecasts.

Arcano Economic Research provides quality, rigorous, easy-to-read, and independent analysis. This makes it an essential tool for corporate and investment decision-making.


Our philosophy

Arcano Economic Research's guiding principle at its inception was to make macroeconomics accessible and actionable for anyone. From the beginning, we bet on a highly hands-on philosophy: Explaining complex concepts in a simple way.

Over time we realised that our Premium service was extremely valuable for top corporate executives because it allowed them to quickly digest large quantities of information in easy-to-read formats, which is vital for making strategic decisions.

Why pay for research? 

There are many reasons, but our subscribers agree that:

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In a world where everybody follows the mainstream consensus and where there is virtually no room for dissenting opinions, betting on our often contrarian view has led to substantial capital gains (as can be seen on our analysis on inflation, China, and real estate).


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In a world where information overload is commonplace, our service is a proven tool that filters facts out of media noise, which our clients consider extremely useful.

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Our research, which analyses not only an enormous amount of data and trends but also historical perspectives, allows our clients to foresee scenarios they had not envisaged before and uncover new business opportunities.


Why Arcano Economic Research?

We are a reference in the sector thanks to our proven independent approach and successful trend anticipation. Over 200 clients of diverse typology and sectors already trust our service: Ibex-35, real economy, real estate and insurance companies, banks, renowned law firms, institutional investors, private equity managers, family offices, etc.

Satisfied and loyal clients are the best proof of our quality research. That is our best asset.


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