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Are Inflation Expectations Seriously Accelerating?

30 mins.
18 MARCH, 2021
Leopoldo Torralba null
Ignacio de la Torre null
Spain Global AER Public
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In the environment of extreme uncertainty in which we have been immersed for the last year, the issue of greatest concern at present is the future behaviour of an essential variable in decision-making: inflation. Its implications are profound for individuals, companies and investors, especially because of its collateral effects on interest rates, another key parameter for the economy. Uncertainty makes it difficult to fine-tune future inflation and interest rate scenarios, and therefore to implement a correct strategy. However, it is precisely in times of volatility and turmoil that optimising such a strategy will make the difference between success and failure.
What is happening with inflation at present and why?
How may inflation evolve throughout 2021?
What is our central scenario in the medium term? And, what about their risks and drivers?

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