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China: Winter Is Coming

25 mins.
03 JANUARY, 2019
Ignacio de la Torre null
Leopoldo Torralba null
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China, "the factory of the world", has a significant impact on the global economy (accounting for more than 30% of world growth), but especially in the world of emerging countries and commodities. Thus, the monitoring of its main trends seems very relevant for many economic agents. And the next few months will be key to understanding the evolution of China. For this, it is very important to understand the bases of Chinese growth, which have also generated enormous imbalances. The report "China: winter is coming" details in a simple way its main risks, the last and disturbing indicators, the factors to be fixed in the coming months and the economic impact that may have the situation. Will China experience a landing? And if it occurs, will it be soft or "forced"?

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