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Back Durable Disorder: Geopolitical Trends and Their Key Implications


Durable Disorder: Geopolitical Trends and Their Key Implications

60 mins.
27 OCTOBER, 2022
Dr. Milo Jones
Technological Disruption Global AER Global
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Dr. Milo Jones hosted the first of many presentations on how not just to survive but how to thrive in a world with growing geopolitical and technological risks. "Durable Disorder: Geopolitical Trends and their key implication,” provides a framework for businesses and individuals to understand how digital technological characteristics create fundamental changes to our political, social, cultural, and economic reality. The key takeaways from this presentation are:
Disorder is not going away and will only increase in depth and scope as it transforms every aspect of our lives
The continued rise of populism —propelled through new digital mediums— will further fragment democracies and is likely to weaken greater international cooperation on various topics
The intensity of the “technology war” between China and the US will continue to increase and require greater action by companies as nations use new export control and sanctions to protect intellectual property and critical infrastructure

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