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Is the World Headed for a Recession?

15 mins.
29 AUGUST, 2022
Análisis macroeconómico
Ignacio de la Torre
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In August, Purchasing Managers’ Indexes (PMI) slid to 45 across the world, anticipating a foreseeable GDP contraction. Economic indicators are deteriorating simultaneously in the world's three major economies. Rate hikes are beginning to take their toll on US activity, Europe is facing a tough situation with historic spikes in energy prices, and China is experiencing a ‘perfect storm’ with the implosion of its housing bubble. Against this backdrop, it is critical to gauge every aspect of this summer's major events to determine the severity of the situation, and more importantly, to be able to outline future interest rate and inflation scenarios, as medium-term investment outlook will largely hinge on future growth, rates and inflation.
What will be the impact of this summer macro events on global economy?
What are the foreseeable scenarios going forward?

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