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Back Track Record of Contrarian Predictions in 2022


Track Record of Contrarian Predictions in 2022

10 mins.
22 FEBRUARY, 2023
Arcano Research Economists
Global AER Public
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As an economic research firm, our goal is to provide accurate and insightful analysis to guide corporate decision making. Looking back over the past year, we can affirm that a significant number of our forecasts were correct, with a good number of them going against mainstream consensus at the time. However, as may happen with forecasting, there were times when we missed the mark by not being able to anticipate certain events at the right time. In this brief chartbook, we will review both the rights and wrongs of our analysis and predictions and realise how crucial the role of economics is in shaping the future. We believe that transparency, honesty and self-criticism are key components in providing valuable economic insight and analysis. 

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