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Back Spain, the World and the Second Wave of COVID-19


Spain, the World and the Second Wave of COVID-19

60 mins.
30 SEPTEMBER, 2020
Ignacio de la Torre de la Torre
Leopoldo Torralba Torralba
Joaquín Rivera Rivera
Diego Mejía Mejía
Macro Global Spain AER España AER Global
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The extremely uncertain environment and the confusing messages from the media increase the possibility of making the wrong economic decision in the absence of rigorous and reasoned analysis Many questions arise in times like these and it is difficult to give them well formulated answers. Within the report, the following sections are particularly noteworthy:
The real severity of the medical situation, group immunity and vaccines, the beginning of the end
Current situation in Spain and the world (in terms of markets, real estate, economy…) and the expected path to recovery (Nike-logo, L, V…)
Monetary policy: new Fed policies with profound implications for the economy, markets and structural inflation

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