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Back Market Update: Interest Rate Cuts. Are We There Yet?


Market Update: Interest Rate Cuts. Are We There Yet?

60 mins.
08 NOVEMBER, 2023
Ignacio de la Torre, Ph. D.
Ya-lan Liu, CFA
Macro Spain Macro Global Monetary Policy Real Estate Financial Markets Technological Disruption Banking sector Long-term trends Spain Global Emerging Countries US Europe China AER Global AER Personal
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Market volatility and economic uncertainty are on the rise again. Long-term bond yield trends are unclear, the impact of the Gaza conflict is unlike any previous events, and the strength of the US economy risks delaying the reversal of monetary tightening. These are pivotal factors in asset valuation and short-term moves in stock prices. Economic agents such as companies, investors, and real estate market participants must be aware of the future path of rates and outlook to optimise their decision-making process.

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