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Back Why China Cannot Dominate the Electric Vehicle Supply Chain


Why China Cannot Dominate the Electric Vehicle Supply Chain

30 mins.
14 MARCH, 2024
Björn Beam
Technological Disruption Geopolitics Global AER España AER Global AER Tech
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While China currently holds a commanding position in the electric vehicle (EV) market and its associated supply chain, particularly in traditional battery technology and production, this dominance is increasingly challenged by emerging technological advancements and strategic global responses. This unique report examines technological advances in EV batteries that are impacted by improvements in artificial intelligence, which are spurring broader transformations in smart city development, the green energy transition, and current geopolitical dynamics. Thus, this report seeks to answer the following questions:
How do advances in battery technology influence global supply chains and geopolitical dynamics?
What are the strategic implications of China’s dominance in the EV market and the global response?
How are these technological advances altering other technological advances?

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